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Government, telecommunications, healthcare, energy and utilities, finance, insurance and automotive all have different challenges and requirements. However, all industries are facing unlimited potential to harvest all data, all the time. Stream Computing analyzes data in motion for immediate and accurate decision making.

Government / Law Enforcement

Rapid urbanization, increasing strain on natural resources, citizen security and evolving global terror threats are the reality. Stream Computing helps governments worldwide ensure the economic health, welfare and security of citizens by delivering security and law enforcement, energy and environmental leadership, traffic and transportation management and more.


Fueled by rapid adoption in developing countries, mobile communications have become the industry's highest priority and are fueling rapid changes. Stream Computing helps telecommunications companies save on IT spending, predict customer churn and uncover newer sources of revenue.


Healthcare worldwide is in crisis - high costs, poor or inconsistent quality, and inaccessibility are potentially catastrophic. While there is no limit to the amount of data continuously being generated in provider organizations, some lack a way to analyze and correlate the data in real time. Stream Computing helps healthcare providers correlate data and perform complex real-time analytics to better serve patients.

Energy and Utilities

Traditional business models for the utilities industry are losing relevance. Newer imperatives include smart grid, smart meters and interactive relationships between customers and providers. Stream Computing helps utility providers manage their businesses in a more profitable and efficient manner given the major paradigm shifts.

Financial Markets

Financial markets are under unrelenting pressure to respond to exploding increases in electronic trading volumes. High performance and low latency are the imperatives. Additionally, regulatory and governing bodies are enforcing newer and incrementally complex regulations. Stream Computing addresses a variety of challenges in the financial markets industry including market data handling, high frequency trading and risk control and surveillance.


Changes facing insurance providers such as deregulation, increased competition, advances in technology and globalization combine to exert substantial pressure on insurers, brokers, asset managers and reinsurers, and on their ability to respond to these changes. Stream Computing can help by enabling new ways to manage risk, focus on the customer, build analytical capabilities, streamline operations such as bill and fraud detection and ensure a superior capacity for innovation and reinvention.


Increased globalization, sophisticated consumers demanding more innovative and sustainable vehicles, self-driving and connected cars, and growing regulatory and environmental requirements are putting unprecedented pressure on existing business and manufacturing models. Stream Computing can help by delivering predictive maintenance and real-time analytics.

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