Retailers face steep challenges transition from siloed business models to integrated and optimized networks. Yet they need to do so -- and quickly -- to compete with industry-leading competitors that have already made the leap. The simple fact is that consumers are habitual creatures: they return to where their needs are best met. And they are easily drawn away if their needs are better met elsewhere. Leaders are the ones who excel in meeting consumer demands. In so doing, they fuel consumer expectations that set the bar for performance even higher. So all retailers are challenged to provide ever more innovative, relevant and compelling product selections, convenience, services and differentiated experiences.

To keep pace in this constant race, retailers rely on their most valuable asset, information, to provide visibility into business health: How do buying trends compare across geographies? What effect does a price change have on sales of a new product? Is the latest promotion working well? What is required: enterprise-wide, integrated access to key data from points of sale (POS), historical buying, pricing, promotion results, customer data, and vendor scorecards. The desired result: more accurate and detailed reports for better analysis, insight and action. The desired outcome: drive down costs and exceed customer expectations.

IBM InfoSphere Software can help address the challenges and deliver to the requirements with industry leading capabilities for information management: master data management and integration, data quality management, data warehousing and analytics. In addition, IBM business, technical and integration knowledge and expertise can more rapidly deliver increased business value while reducing risk and costs. Benefits:

With industry leading InfoSphere Software , combined with deep industry expertise and broad implementation capabilities, IBM can offer a foundation for success with business initiatives now and in the future.



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