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Today, customer care pressures are pushing Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to the tipping point. They can no longer rely on service innovation or price-competitiveness alone to fuel their businesses. Both of these are increasingly commoditized as more new market entrants devise compelling competitive offerings and new business models that lure consumers away. CSPs need to transform by managing convergence of technologies and consolidation within their industry. This means they need to focus on offering high levels of customer service. They need to come up with new ways to differentiate the customer experience for their various target markets. And it‘s critical that they do so quickly, because the competition is fast approaching to steal away market share, and shred industry margins.
At the core of any CSPs customer care initiatives is the need to readily access enterprise information - information about customers, accounts, products, locations. And the information needs to be clean, trusted, accurate and in context. In short, it needs to be trusted. Then, with that foundation, CSPs can move on to the critical business of analyzing and extracting valuable insight about their business, channel and customer performance… Where is there profit potential? Which businesses are flagging?
IBM InfoSphere Software offers the broadest range of capabilities with market-leading technologies that enable clients to gain control of their information. Then, it helps them dig in to discover where business processes can be improved and optimized to better meet customer needs. InfoSphere Software offerings make it simple to overcome the daunting challenges of managing enterprise information to strategic advantage.

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