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Over recent years, the financial services industry has gone through significant upheaval: mergers and acquisitions, regulatory changes and various market crises, to mention a few. Combined with an acutely competitve business environments, companies in this industry are compelled to innovate: with different market strategies, new service offerings, compelling strategic alliances and superior operational efficiencies. Or fail altogether. At the heart of every initiative -- regardless of company size, revenues, number of employees, or geographic location -- is the requirement to gain control of enterprise information and to extract maximum value from it. Only with complete control can financial services business leaders act.
With IBM InfoSphere Software, banks and financial institutions around the world have for years been able to establish the flexible, scalable, real-time control that they need to compete. As business needs evolve, so has the information platform offered by IBM. Flexible, yet modular, comprised of best-of-breed technologies, InfoSphere Software ensures client sucess with every business initiative that depends on IT infrastructure. Combined with unparalleled industry expertise, IBM offers the full range of service and support needed for success, now and in the future.



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