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Why IBM Smart Analytics System Telecommunications Solutions

The IBM Smart Analytics System offers Communications Service Providers the ideal delivery vehicle to effectively implement solutions for customer churn and retention management, consistent multichannel experience, and order to service processes.

What we offer

The IBM Smart Analytics System is an integrated platform giving telecommunications companies broad analytics capabilities on a powerful warehouse foundation with IBM server and storage to maximize competitiveness

Industry Models for Telecommunications
Data models that focus on solving challenges such as network/wireless/wireline usage, customer visibility and churn, campaign performance visibility and more.

Business Analytics & Optimization Services
IBM Global Business Services is a strong and stable partner that can help transform your enterprise in the midst of rapid change.

Information Agenda for Telecommunications
IBM’s Information Agenda approach helps telecommunications companies map out their information investments.

IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Customer Insight
Provides structured and deployable business content to accelerate time to value for a growing number of business initiatives and industries.

IBM - Business analytics for communications service providers
See how telco providers can gain a better understanding of customers’ attitudes, opinions and preferences to become more profitable.


Add more value to CRM with geospatial data
Discover how Business intelligence software helps companies to understand their customers better.

A practical BI and planning framework for midsize companies
Discover the people, processes and technologies needed for BI and planning on a budget in this publication featuring research from Gartner.

Telco 2015: Five Telling Years, Four Future Scenarios
Extensive new research from IBM suggests four plausible industry scenarios in the next five years. Read about them and the notable industry events that will signal their unfolding.

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