Why IBM Smart Analytics System Insurance Solutions

The IBM Smart Analytics System offers Insurers the ideal delivery vehicle to rapidly deploy solutions that ensure they stay competitive. They must have visibility into every facet of their business to maximize profitability and returns: a comprehensive way to manage across claims, customer service, workforce and performance management. 

What we offer

The IBM Smart Analytics System is an integrated platform that provides Insurers broad analytics capabilities on a powerful warehouse foundation with IBM server and storage – the right foundation for solutions to information challenges across the enterprise.

Industry Models for Insurance
IBM provides industry models to solve challenges such as claims, intermediary performance, compliance, risk management, customer centricity visibility and more.

Business Analytics for Insurance
Get a comprehensive view across claims, customer service, the workforce and use performance management to make the right decisions fast.

Business Analytics & Optimization Services
IBM Global Business Services is a strong and stable partner that can help transform your enterprise in the midst of rapid change.

Information Agenda for Insurance
IBM’s Information Agenda approach helps Insurers make their enterprise information a trusted, strategic asset, to dramatically improve claims processes and customer service.

IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Pack for Customer Insight
Provides structured and deployable business content to accelerate time to value for a growing number of business initiatives and industries.

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Considering a purchase?

IBM Cognos Insurance Product Profitability Performance Blueprint
This blueprint enables insurers to create profit and loss statements and balance sheets. Finance executives can report on and analyze profitability, and to plan initiatives to improve business results.