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Business Drivers for Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry faces significant transformation. With operations geared toward standalone lines of business for landline, mobile, broadband and other services, it’s tough to make customers the center of attention. It’s even tougher to understand the preferences and needs of everyone in the household, from the subscriber who pays the bill, to teenagers who want the latest sports and entertainment packages.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Telecommunications

Learn how InfoSphere MDM helps telecommunications companies around the world create unified customer and household views

5 Ways MDM Makes Telecommunications Companies Smarter

Master data management helps make telecommunications companies smarter. MDM enables telecommunications companies to connect disparate pieces of customer information across lines of business, service locations, order and billing systems and more. Armed with a complete picture of the customer relationship, telecommunications companies can:

  1. Optimize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, with promotions geared towards household members’ interests
  2. Provide accurate, consolidated account information to customers, enabling convenient self-service at lower costs
  3. Accelerate the introduction of new products, bundles and special offers for target market segments
  4. Enable service agents to promote relevant cross-sell offers in real time
  5. Understand and maximize lifetime customer value, based on subscribers’ lifestyle changes

The Results?

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management helps insurers improve customer service and satisfaction, boost profitability, and increase strategic agility.

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Solutions for telecommunications

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