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Solutions for Retail

Business Drivers for Retail

Retail customers want to shop any time, anywhere – online, by mobile phone, at a kiosk, or even in traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores. They want their favorite brands and retailers to provide accurate product information and consistent service no matter how they buy – and to reward them for their loyalty with personalized promotions that offer real value. Make them happy, and they’ll be your biggest advocates. Disappoint them, and you’ll see negative reviews all over the Web.

Solutions for retail

SolutionsBuild a single view of customer information and a trusted source for product information with data integration and master data management

5 Ways MDM Makes Retailers Smarter

With smarter customers, today’s retailers need to be smarter, too. Master data management can help. MDM enables retailers to connect disparate pieces of customer and product information across order entry systems, product catalogs, CRM systems, supply chains and all the rest. Armed with a holistic view of their customers and products, retailers can:

  1. Understand and honor customer preferences, to improve loyalty and share of wallet
  2. Provide consistent and personalized customer experience across all channels and touchpoints
  3. Identify, reward and retain the most profitable customer segments
  4. Accelerate the launch of new products and promotional offers
  5. Increase marketing campaign effectiveness, without increasing spending

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