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Solutions for Healthcare

Business Drivers for Healthcare

Instant access to information, mobile banking, movies by mail -, consumers are demanding higher levels of service and greater convenience. The healthcare industry is running to catch up. Payment reform, new government regulations and increased competition are further complicating this race. Smarter healthcare organizations are meeting these higher expectations, improving the quality of care and differentiating themselves by using information to transform healthcare delivery.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Healthcare

From patient diagnosis to systemic improvements in care delivery, IBM MDM offers the secure and efficient interconnectivity that healthcare providers need.

6 Ways MDM Makes Healthcare Smarter

Master data management helps make healthcare smarter. MDM enables healthcare organizations to connect disparate pieces of patient, provider and member information across hospitals, clinics and lines of business, into a single, actionable view. Armed with a complete picture of the patient, member or provider:

  1. Care providers can improve care by consistently sharing information with the hospitals, labs and specialists they refer to without compromising patient confidentiality
  2. Healthcare organizations can implement advanced analytics, to pinpoint emerging opportunities for better patient care
  3. Hospitals and insurance plans can ensure a consistent patient experience, whether in person, online, or by mobile phone
  4. Health insurance plans can craft targeted product bundles and encourage treatment protocols based on demonstrated outcomes
  5. State agencies and HIEs can establish an infrastructure that encourages transparency and accountability for improved care delivery
  6. Healthcare organizations can speed systems rationalization projects after mergers and acquisitions

The Results?

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management helps healthcare organizations strengthen patient, provider and member loyalty, improve the quality of care, lower operating costs and support compliance.

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Solutions for healthcare

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