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Business Drivers for Government and Public Sector

Never before has the public sector faced a greater variety of challenges. Agency budgets are shrinking, and so is tax compliance. Citizens want better, faster services for everything from local permits to benefits for children and elderly household members - without having to repeat or re-enter their information. Threats to public safety are at an all-time high.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Government

Learn how national and local governments can benefit from having a single view of their citizen data.

But tough problems also create new pathways for progress. Around the world, public sector enterprises are using their information as a strategic asset, to identify new ways to serve citizens and constituents, control spending, improve collections, and ensure public safety. Best of all, they can access and share constituent information safely, without compromising privacy. Information silos can now be opened, enabling greater cross-program collaboration, for greater public benefit.

5 Ways MDM Makes Public Sector Organizations Smarter

Master data management helps make public sector organizations smarter. MDM enables government bodies to connect disparate pieces of citizen and constituent information across departments, programs and agencies, into a single, actionable view. Armed with a complete picture of the relationship with citizens and constituents:

  1. Social services agencies can improve program enrollment rates, boost service levels, and accurately report on program efficacy
  2. Local, regional, state and national government bodies can identify fraudulent benefits applications and claims, to minimize wasteful spending
  3. Intelligence agencies determine affiliations between persons and groups of interest and identify patterns of malicious activity to detect and prevent threats
  4. Law enforcement organizations can share information to solve crimes committed by criminals that cross jurisdictional boundaries
  5. Tax authorities can proactively identify incidents of noncompliance and minimize payout of questionable refunds

The Results?

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management helps public sector organizations improve service to constituent, cut fraud and waste

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