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Business Drivers for Banking

The banking landscape is changing quickly. Today’s banks face increasing regulatory burdens, new customer demands and competition from both established franchises and emerging players. But extraordinary challenges also provide opportunities to evolve the business. Leading banks are leveraging their information as a strategic asset, to identify new ways to deepen customer relationships, drive revenue growth, support compliance and sustain competitive advantage.

IBM InfoSphere MDM Solutions for Banking

Learn how IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management helps banks drive new revenue and provide superior service.

5 Ways MDM Makes Banks Smarter

Master data management helps make banks smarter. MDM enables banks to connect disparate pieces of customer information across departments, branch locations and lines of business, into a single, actionable view. Armed with a complete picture of the customer relationship:

  1. Consumer banks can ensure a consistent customer experience, whether online, onsite, or by mobile phone
  2. Commercial lenders can connect clients into meaningful hierarchies, to better identify and manage credit risks
  3. Wealth management organizations can craft targeted product bundles and promotional offers to meet the needs of priority customer segments
  4. Financial institutions can support compliance with ‘Know Your Customer’ requirements, anti-money laundering statutes, privacy requirements and other regulations
  5. Bank holding companies can speed systems rationalization projects after mergers and acquisitions

The Results?

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management helps banks boost customer retention, increase assets under management, lower operating costs and reduce compliance risks.

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