Information Integration and Governance for Big Data

In a big data environment, organizations must improve the level of trust users have in information, ensure consistency of data, and establish safeguards over information. When information is trusted, businesses can optimize outcomes. Developing this level of trust requires an information integration and governance platform that supports a big data strategy.

Many organizations pursue big data analytics to find breakthrough insights that give them a competitive advantage. They are competing on analytics. But organizations can’t really compete on analytics alone. The reality is organizations are competing on information and analytics – and in order for the information to be acted upon, it must be trusted. In the new era of computing, companies must ensure that their analytics are driven by trusted data.

What makes an organization and its users trust information? We believe that there are six key factors involved:

Companies will compete on insights from trusted Information - the supply of trusted information is as important as the analytics – and information integration and governance is more important than ever.

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