Hadoop for the Enterprise

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Enterprise Grade Hadoop

IBM® BigInsights for Apache™ Hadoop® is capable of collecting and economically storing a very large set of highly variable data. IBM BigInsights enhances open source Hadoop with the complete set of capabilities to query, visualize, explore data and conduct distributed machine learning at scale resulting in deeper insight and better actions.


IBM brings Hadoop to the enterprise with BigInsights

IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop enhances Hadoop to support the demands of your enterprise, adding administrative, workflow, provisioning and security features, along with sophisticated analytical capabilities from IBM Research. The result is a more developer- and user-friendly solution for complex, large-scale analytics.

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Hadoop for the data scientist

Machine Learning and mathematical algorithms have emerged as the missing piece needed to complement Hadoop to achieve faster time to value. IBM BigInsights for Hadoop puts the full range of analytics for Hadoop into the hands of Data Science teams.

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Image: Hadoop Use Cases for the industry

What’s inside IBM BigInsights?

IBM BigInsights extends the core components of Hadoop for improved usability. Enterprise-scale features from IBM are added to deliver massive scale-out data processing and analysis with built-in resiliency and fault tolerance. Simplified administration and management capabilities, rich developer tools and powerful analytic functions reduce the complexity of Hadoop.

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