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IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture for Oracle Replication

Information Management software

Features and benefits

Key Product Features Business Benefits
Real-time bi-directional data replication between Oracle-based environments: IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture for Oracle Replication uses the Oracle redo log to provide real-time replication of data and objects at the database level without impacting the performance of the source database. Changes made to the source Oracle database are replicated to one or more target databases with near zero latency. The product architecture supports one-to-many, many-to-one, and two-way replication across different Oracle database versions and RAC environments. Gain an up to date view of the enterprise consistent in all business units: For companies that require up to the minute information across the company, IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture for Oracle Replication integrates data between Oracle systems and distributes it to other Oracle-based destinations in real time to give a unified view of the business. The log-based replication does not impact the performance of production applications, allowing operations to run continuously throughout the day at peak capacity.
Oracle master-to-master replication: Users can utilize IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture for Oracle Replication's bi-directional data replication capabilities to provide failover and efficient application load sharing between servers with little or no programming required. Data integrity is maintained for any number of masters and in distributed database applications such as Oracle RACs. Optimal system performance and data integrity: For distributed application environments and geographically dispersed organizations, the master-to-master replication capabilities ensure that application data is always consistent and available. Workload balancing also allows businesses to achieve the maximum system performance.
Changed Data Capture technology: IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture for Oracle Replication's unique Changed Data Capture conserves database resources and reduces network traffic by distributing only changed data as opposed to the entire database, optimizing the flow of data between Oracle databases while keeping latency at a bare minimum. Extreme scalability: Performance is everything. As organizations generate more and more data, IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture for Oracle Replication can scale and maintain high performance regardless of the increased processing load.
Ease of use and flexible user exits: 100% Java-based GUI offers point and click flexibility for configuring and administering the replication environment with full operational control over all activities in a single graphical screen. User exits and real-time auto registration simplify time-consuming administrative tasks through process automation. Rapid implementation and configuration: Simple installation and setup helps IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture for Oracle Replication maximize flexibility and ease of use while dramatically reducing total cost of ownership. A host of easy-to-manage configuration tools allow administrators to easily identify and rapidly resolve network issues while automated tasks remove possibilities of error entirely.
Sync check: Sync check verifies data definition and content of both objects between source and target Oracle systems, allowing the Oracle database to run continuously even when replication is occurring. Reduced system vulnerability: Sync check ensures vital data is available, consistent, and applied in the right sequence across all Oracle systems to provide confidence to administrators that all information is accurate and up to date.
Data Definition Language (DDL) support: IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture for Oracle Replication refreshes, replicates, and audits the Data Definition Language (DDL) used to create and modify database objects. This allows an object's definition to be refreshed before the object's data is refreshed. Less administration, less errors: DDL support and object refresh capabilities greatly reduce the time and effort required to perform common administrative tasks. DDL auditing also guarantees that errors are not propagated.

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