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What's New in IBM InfoSphere BigInsights v2.1.2

With Big R, HDFS v2, data management improvements, and enhanced enterprise integration, InfoSphere BigInsights v2.1.2 distances itself from other Hadoop offerings.

Big R broadens the analytics ecosystem

Continued commitment to open source strengthens the foundation of BigInsights

Data Management improvements support data warehouse modernization

Enterprise integration helps you find and integrate the data you need to connect your Big Data project with the rest of your organization

Administrative capability enhancements take the complexity out of Hadoop

What's New in IBM InfoSphere BigInsights v2.1.1

New packaging allows users to decide which edition contains the Hadoop capabilities that best meet their needs

Choose between two editions:

Standard Edition is designed for those who are looking to get started with the basics of Hadoop. It comes with development tools, a management console and installer. The Standard Edition also comes with Big SQL and BigSheets, two key features that are applied in many Hadoop applications.

Enterprise Edition comes with the enterprise features that enable all roles within an organization to collaboratively leverage big data. This includes all of the Standard Edition features plus search and data exploration capabilities, deep IIG integrations, InfoSphere Streams, InfoSphere Data Explorer and Cognos bundles, GPFS-FPO, and analytics capabilities (including text analytics, social data analytics and machine data analytics).

What’s New in IBM InfoSphere BigInsights v2.1

New features that take the complexity out of Hadoop and enable everyone to get their hands on big data

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights V2.1 extends the value of open source Hadoop and augments it with mandatory capabilities needed by enterprises. InfoSphere BigInsights v2.1 brings new features that enhance functionality and consumability, including:


The new SQL interface for BigInsights, Big SQL is a native SQL query engine that enables SQL access to data stored in BigInsights. Big SQL allows developers to leverage existing SQL skills in a big data environment. They can query data in BigInsights the same way they query data from their traditional database applications.

It comes with a standards compliant Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver, and supports a rich SQL syntax. For complex data sets, Big SQL leverages MapReduce parallelism, but in small or sub-second queries, it can bypass MapReduce for low latency.


GPFS – FPO (General Parallel File System - File Placement Optimizer) is an enterprise grade POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) compliant file system that enhances how data is accessed and stored in BigInsights It enables you to handle files that reside on different systems with different operating systems and applications, in addition to MapReduce.

This new capability eliminates any single point of failure that can bring your analytics capabilities to a halt. By providing the ability to work with more traditional applications requiring read/write capabilities, GPFS-FPO provides greater value that can be highly leveraged for all of your file-based analytics requirements.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) NameNode high availability

BigInsights V2.1 delivers out of the box high availability with NameNode failover that is seamless, automatic and transparent. HDFS NameNode, the central gatekeeper for HDFS operations and metadata management for HDFS clients and DataNodes, maintains metadata of HDFS for file and directory listing, security, file and data blocks.

The NameNode High-Availability solution in BigInsights V2.1 detects NameNode failures and performs automatic failover to a standby node, eliminating the need for administrator intervention and drastically improving system availability. The failover is seamless to HDFS clients and DataNodes.

BigSheets Enhancements

BigSheets, the web-based, spreadsheet-like interface that allows users to easily analyze large volumes of data, comes with updates in version 2.1 that enhance data discovery capabilities. It now provides more than 10 built-in functions to extract names, addresses, organizations, email, locations and phone numbers.

Application accelerator enhancements: Machine Data and Social Data

The Machine Data Analytics Accelerator introduced in v2.0 enables you to analyze various types of machine data to gain operational efficiency and to gain business insights. Version 2.1 introduces a new, intuitive configuration UI that simplifies workflow configuration and improves time to value. Version 2.1 also has support for a new data type: BigInsights and Hadoop logs.

The Social Data Analytics Accelerator, also introduced in v2.0, enables you to analyze various types of social media data to gain key insights to support business intelligence. BigInsights 2.1 improves scalability and performance. Users can now add dictionary terms dynamically to enhance their analysis results. Real time and batch indexing of results can now be done using IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer.

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