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The game changing big data use cases

A use case is a business goal addressed by a pattern of technology solutions. A common use case, customized for your environment, helps you address your unique business requirements.

While much of the big data activity in the market up to now has been experimenting and learning about big data technologies, IBM has been focused on also helping organizations understand what problems big data can address.

InfoSphere BigInsights plays a vital role in several of these use cases.

Operations Analysis Use Case

Operations analysis is about using big data technologies to enable a new generation of applications that analyze large volumes of multi-structured, often in-motion machine data. Read this paper to learn how you can gain real-time insights, become more proactive, identify and investigate anomalies and monitor end-to-end infrastructure.

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Introduction to InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start EditionIntroduction to InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition
A free, downloadable, non-production of InfoSphere BigInsights that includes many of the Enterprise Edition features.
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Comparison of InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition with Apache HadoopComparison of InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition with Apache Hadoop
In an audited benchmark conducted by STAC®, the Securities Technology Analysis Center, InfoSphere BigInsights was found to deliver an approximate 4x performance gain on average over open source Hadoop running jobs derived from production workload traces.
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Getting Started with IBM InfoSphere BigInsightsGetting Started with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights
Ever wondered how to get started analyzing Big Data? Adam Locke, IBM Information Developer, walks you through a conceptual model he built to help you understand the people and tasks needed to get started with your first big data project.
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InfoSphere BigInsights FAQsInfoSphere BigInsights FAQs
Watch as Cindy Saracco - a Solution Architect in IBM's Big Data team - takes us through some frequently asked questions about IBM's Big Data platform, InfoSphere BigInsights.
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