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“ Our customers send roughly 35 billion emails every year, and with every email they send, we have more data that we can analyze and feed back to them to help improve their success. Our work analyzing email delivery times has already given our customers a 15-25% lift in their email campaign performance – and that means more customers in their doors and increased revenue. ”

Jesse Harriott, Chief Analytics Officer, Constant Contact

“ The combined Bedrock and BigInsights solution is a powerful approach that enables corporations to execute game-changing strategies and rapidly deploy Enterprise Data Hubs. ”

Ben Sharma, CEO, Zaloni

“ Using IBM BigInsights software in concert with our networking technology, companies can access, query and analyze massive amounts of data in a very high performance and very reliable way. ”

Mike Harrison, Vice President, Brocade

Why IBM for Hadoop?

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights brings the power of Hadoop to the enterprise. Apache™ Hadoop® is the open source software framework, used to reliably managing large volumes of structured and unstructured data.

BigInsights makes it simpler for people to use Hadoop and build big data applications. It enhances this open source technology to withstand the demands of your enterprise, adding administrative, discovery, development, provisioning, and security features, along with best-in-class analytical capabilities from IBM Research. The result is that you get a more developer and user-friendly solution for complex, large scale analytics.

InfoSphere BigInsights allows enterprises of all sizes to cost effectively manage and analyze the massive volume, variety and velocity of data that consumers and businesses create every day. InfoSphere BigInsights can help you increase operational efficiency by augmenting your data warehouse environment. It can be used as a query-able archive, allowing you to store and analyze large volumes of multi-structured data without straining the data warehouse. It can be used as a pre-processing hub, helping you to explore your data, determine what is the most valuable, and extract that data cost-effectively. It can also allow for ad hoc analysis, giving you the ability to perform analysis on all of your data.

Key capabilities include:

Built-in analytics


Customer spotlight

  • USCAnnenberg Inovation Lab

    University of Southern California Annenberg Innovation Lab
    Gains insight into public sentiment with near-real-time analytics of social media streams
    Read the case study (657KB)

  • cs-wimbledon-championship

    Wimbledon Championships
    Serves up an ace performance delivering fascinating new analysis and insights direct to viewers via mobile, TV and web
    Read the case study (1.18MB)

Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014
Read the report to see why IBM InfoSphere BigInsights was named a leader and how it stands in relation to other big data Hadoop vendors.
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Introduction to InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start EditionIntroduction to InfoSphere BigInsights Quick Start Edition
A free, downloadable, non-production of InfoSphere BigInsights that includes many of the Enterprise Edition features.
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Comparison of InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition with Apache HadoopComparison of InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition with Apache Hadoop
In an audited benchmark conducted by STAC®, the Securities Technology Analysis Center, InfoSphere BigInsights was found to deliver an approximate 4x performance gain on average over open source Hadoop running jobs derived from production workload traces.
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Getting Started with IBM InfoSphere BigInsightsGetting Started with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights
Ever wondered how to get started analyzing Big Data? Adam Locke, IBM Information Developer, walks you through a conceptual model he built to help you understand the people and tasks needed to get started with your first big data project.
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InfoSphere BigInsights FAQsInfoSphere BigInsights FAQs
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