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Success in the communications industry is about speed and agility. With intense competition from cable providers and ongoing price wars, communication service providers must rapidly adapt to change and deliver services quickly and cost-effectively.

At the same time, communications companies face new and complex challenges including:

"With Informix’s zero maintenance solution, I can rest easy at night knowing that each critical database engine has a hot standby that can be quickly and easily brought into service in the event of a hardware or operating system failure."

- Andrew Ford, Senior DBA, NetworkIP

Real World Experiences

Cisco chose to embed IBM Informix® database software in their solutions because of the robust embeddability, high reliability, and extreme performance of Informix.

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Read the Cisco and Informix collaboration whitepaper to learn more.

“It’s very, very important to us that what we have is of high quality, what we have has the power behind it to make sure that it has both the longevity and the support that we need. Cisco is taking advantage of the fact that Informix is easily embeddable, and also, the redundant capabilities that Informix has to allow us to use our distributed architecture to scale for our customers.”

- Phil Harris, Senior Director of Engineering, Cisco

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