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Informix TimeSeries - Why Informix?

As the cornerstone of Smart Grid initiatives and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), smart meters promise to deliver significant benefits to energy and utilities organizations and their consumers. Smart meters fundamentally change how and when energy usage data is collected. The result is a tsunami of data that must be processed, transferred, stored and analyzed, creating unforeseen technical challenges and business risks for which many utility organizations are not prepared.

As AMI initiatives increase, how does a buyer compare one MDM solution to another? Armed with the knowledge that MDM will create data storage and performance challenges, how does a buyer know the amount of systems and storage that will be needed or whether service-level agreement goals have been met? Answers to these questions are determined by many factors, including the database system that sits at the core of all MDM solutions, whether packaged or home-grown. Does it matter which data management solution is used?

The answer is decidedly yes.

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Learn how IBM Informix TimeSeries database software can help your IT infrastructure process smart meter data 25-70 times faster than a traditional database.