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IBM has conducted several Proof of Concepts (PoCs) with a number of companies using Informix TimeSeries as the enabling technology in the customer’s own MDM applications. In each PoC, Informix TimeSeries consistently outperformed the customer’s existing solutions, at times enabling up to 50 to 70 times faster processing of meter data, while requiring as little as 30 percent of the storage.

The benchmark was conceived and conducted to illustrate these benefits in tangible ways. It tested the preparation, loading and validation, estimation and editing (VEE) of meter data for a 10 million–meter utility, as well as a "day-in-the-life" scenario for a 100 million–meter utility. If you compare the performance of Affinity Meterflow with other MDM solution offerings that do not use Informix TimeSeries software, we believe you will conclude that these performance and scalability results are exceptional.

The results of this benchmark demonstrate the substantial business value that use of Informix TimeSeries combined with a proven MDM application can deliver to the energy and utilities industry. We invite the reader to compare these results with other published benchmark results.

Faster processing of meter data means faster business processes that use that data:

Significant reduction in storage requirements:

Consistent, scalable performance helps yield highly predictable costs:

Real-world Experiences

Ranhill Powertron

Using Chronos software with IBM Informix TimeSeries database software, the company can monitor the health of plant equipment in near-real time so staff can respond to problems before failures occur.

Coldset Printing Partners

The IBM Informix TimeSeries solution helps the company track usage trends and analyze data over time.

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