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Informix TimeSeries for Meter Data Management

IBM and AMT-SYBEX demonstrate the capability of the IBM® Informix® TimeSeries software to enable the Affinity Meterflow™ application to offer linear scalability up to 100 million meters to load and process meter data at 30-minute intervals in less than 8 hours. The time required for 10 million meters took less than 36 minutes.

Understanding the significance of this benchmark may help energy and utilities organizations as well as Meter Data Management (MDM) solution providers to:

These benchmark results show that Informix TimeSeries software is able to break the bottleneck of massive MDM and deliver significant business benefits to utility organizations, as well as to ISVs offering packaged MDM solutions such as Affinity Meterflow™ from AMT-SYBEX.

Real-world Experiences!

Hildebrand solves a key problem in smart metering research … With IBM Informix technologies for time-series data management

Working with the software laboratory at IBM Hursley, Hildebrand ran several proofs-of-concept and created a solution based on IBM Informix technologies that has the potential to collect, store and analyse detailed energy usage information from millions of homes in real time.

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