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Informix for Public Sector

Complex societal, economic, political and environmental pressures are placing intense demands on public sector organizations to make smarter decisions, deliver results and demonstrate accountability.

Some of the most common challenges they face today include the need to:

Manage vast amounts of data – Every division of a public sector organization has to deal with large amounts of the public’s personal information, financial details and other information that needs to remain securely protected. Handling such data requires a robust and efficient IT architecture. There is also a lot of information exchange that happens between the various departments and divisions.

Control capital and operational expenses while scaling to offer new services – Public sector organizations are frequently tasked with consolidating information within a central site and disseminating it throughout regional locations. Often, these remote locations have different operating environments, and may not have IT staff.

Minimize risk and provide around-the-clock services to citizens and other users of public sector data – Various public services are required to be up and running 24 x 7 for consistent day to day activities. Basic services like transportation, electricity, hospitals, etc. require efficient systems that maintain and communicate the required data among various entities.

Use the growing volume of data to make faster, better business decisions – With millions of transactions occurring every minute, organizations need a fast and robust system to handle the large amount of data competently and process it and tie it back to the business. With the help of modern applications, various subdivisions need to analyze the data faster and more accurately to ensure better business decisions.

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