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Cloud computing is a style of computing whose foundation is the delivery of services, software and processing capacity using private or public networks. In general, a public cloud is one in which a service provider provides applications, infrastructure, and/or storage services to businesses and individuals over the Internet.

Public cloud services may be free or offered on a pay-per-usage model. A private cloud reproduces the delivery models of a public cloud typically behind a firewall, for the exclusive benefit of approved users.

Whether private or public, cloud computing de-couples the delivery of computing services from the underlying technology making cloud computing incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, cloud computing has strong benefits for service providers:

Enhanced Service Delivery

Cloud computing liberates organizations to deliver IT services as never before. Cloud enables the dynamic availability of IT applications and infrastructure, regardless of location. More rapid service delivery results from the ability to orchestrate the tasks to create, provision and add computing power in support of IT and business services much more quickly than a traditional computing infrastructure. Enhanced service delivery improves customer retention, speeds time to market and aids in market expansion. Cloud computing also fosters business innovation by enabling organizations to explore the potential of new, IT-enabled services with minimal cost or risk.

Lower Costs

Cloud computing optimizes the use of IT resources for maximum cost-benefit. This is possible because cloud computing supports massive scalability to meet periods of demand while avoiding extended periods of under-utilized IT capacity. With the click of a mouse, services can be quickly expanded or contracted without requiring overhauls to the core data center. The benefits include lower cost of ownership and more efficient use of technical staff. Lower labor and operating costs drive higher profitability, enabling organizations to more easily reinvest in infrastructure and answer the question, “How do I do more with fewer resources?”

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