NoSQL capability

Is your organization facing challenges in choosing between a relational or NoSQL database model? With unstructured data flooding into your organization from a wide range of connected devices and sources, you may be driven to embrace NoSQL database models for efficiently managing the unstructured data, while continuing to leverage your existing SQL-based data and investments.

IBM Informix offers a single database system that is capable of bringing NoSQL capabilities to your SQL database.

Features and benefits

With its NoSQL capability, IBM Informix offers the following benefits:

Application development flexibility

Rapid Application development
IBM Informix gives application developers the power to choose either NoSql or SQL databases for their applications. Application developers can add, change the type of, or remove a field by changing the application code. With this flexible schema capability, developers need not co-ordinate their work with database administrators.

Hybrid automated decision making supports SQL and NoSQL
IBM Informix determines if you are dealing with a JSON Collection or a SQL tables and processes the operations appropriately. Thus IBM Informix’s ability to access JSON documents and/or SQL tables within the popular MongoDB APIs provides the foundation for a single hybrid application to span all of the enterprise data.

Enterprise level performance
The IBM Informix NoSQL solution gives you ACID principles when they are needed, along with options to relax the ACID principles for enhanced performance.

Seamless integration with MongoDB
Programmers can pick their favorite programming language and seamlessly exploit the powers of the MongoDB API. How does this work? Simply point your MongoDB application to an Informix instance and run!

Analytics ready database
IBM Informix can help extract value from your unstructured data. This enables analytics on combined relational and JSON data. Analytics helps your organization understand customer needs better, increase efficiency and mitigate risk. Informix Advanced editions include IBM Cognos for advanced analytics out of the box!

Data Sharding
Data sharding enables easier management of big data. IBM Informix enables your organization to scale infrastructure horizontally or vertically based on requirements, saving costs.

Compress unstructured data
Unstructured data tends to be repetitive, which often leads to increased storage requirements. IBM Informix Storage Optimization works well with repetitive data and greatly reduces both the storage space and the I/O required for accessing data. This saves cost and improves performance.

Platform agnostic database
IBM Informix works on a wide variety of operating systems and hardware platforms, giving you flexibility to choose whether to scale up or scale out. This enables you to plug and play with existing operating systems or hardware and save costs.

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