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Continuous access to business information can rarely be achieved with a "one-size-fits-all" solution. A business employing 10 people requires information availability on a much different scale than a corporation of thousands. At the same time, small and mid-sized businesses need to plan for growth, and design systems that are adaptable for the future. As a business grows and expands across geographies, its information infrastructure needs the flexibility to meet new business opportunities without missing a beat.

With Informix Flexible Grid, Informix offers the industry's most comprehensive set of high availability options with the unmatched ability to be utilized and provisioned on heterogeneous, commodity hardware, different operating systems and different database versions. Informix Flexible Grid makes it easy to define servers in a replication grid, add or remove servers as necessary, perform DDL operations and manage tables across the grid. The Connection Manager simplifies workload management and transparent application failover across the grid and even provides the ability to manage clusters without network communications between the nodes. Backing up data to and restoring data from cloud storage is supported.

Benefits of Informix Flexible Grid

  • Schedule upgrades or maintenance when you want, without any downtime!

    The ability to do “rolling upgrades” is the standard with Informix Flexible Grid! Now you can perform upgrades or regular system maintenance while still providing your users with access to the data they want and need.

  • Use what you have and change what you want

    Informix Flexible Grid gives you the ability to use different hardware, operating systems, or even different versions of Informix from cluster to cluster. You can leverage existing investments while keeping your options open for the future.

  • Scale capacity when and where needed with globally distributed Informix Flexible Grid

    Not only can you expand capacity, bring data on or off line, or change your data schema without any down time, but you can easily manage your environment and automatically update database schemas throughout the grid from a single location.

  • Enable web-based services and cloud computing

    Informix is widely deployed in virtualized environments and has a profile and feature set that lends itself to virtualization. Informix Flexible Grid helps you achieve even greater efficiencies and economies of scale that greatly lower costs while enabling true cloud computing.

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