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Informix Flexible Grid – Real World Experiences

"The new flexible grid capability in Informix V 11.7 lets us re-use old equipment and combine it with the use of new equipment to scale out across a grid that uses different types of hardware and operating systems. This is a real innovation that lowers our operating costs with less investment in hardware, and lets us leverage existing investments and resources."

- Hector De Santiago Ramirez, IT Infrastructure Manager, DHL

"The new flexible grid in Informix 11.7 lets us manage 100+ geographically dispersed nodes from a single location, reducing our administration costs up to 80%. It also gives us the flexibility to have different hardware and operating systems in different clusters which helps keep costs low. The flexible grid technology promises measurable IT cost savings for any size business."

- Romana Opletalova, Director, d-Prog Ltd.

"With the introduction of the Informix 11.7 release and its Flexible Grid capabilities, IBM is providing the most versatile database technology on the market. Customers can now easily scale out their environments with minimum impact on existing IT infrastructure. Low DBA administration overhead coupled with enhanced autonomic features will dramatically lower the total cost of ownership for customers and all this at price points suitable for the Mid Market."

- Michael Bisignani, Senior Vice President/CTO, Gemini Systems LLC

"The new Flexible Grid lets us use one command from a Single location to create new nodes and propagate the DDL across the grid to all the necessary locations."

- Victor Vatyutov, Lead DBA, State Road Traffic Safety Inspection of Tatarstan

"With new Informix 11.7 , spreading and balancing workloads across heterogeneous nodes is easier. We are observing more performance during the peak workloads, and this is especially useful for critical read operations. Set-up time for a new node by cloning, is showing upto 40% of time reduction."

- Rob Prop, Manager Professional Services, Informa Nederland BV

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