Key features and enhancements

Harnessing data from billions of connected devices depends on the ability to store, access and query all data together, seamlessly, for speed-of-thought insight and local decision making. As an embeddable database, optimized for IoT, IBM® Informix® is forging new frontiers with its unique ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, timeseries and spatial data. Embedding Informix at the gateway level enables you to perform database operations and analytics close to the data sources to make local decisions. Plus, Informix offers a “hybrid” database system and a rich set of APIs, including REST, that enhance development simplicity, flexibility and time to market. The result: optimized business decisions and rapid development of web and mobile applications. Informix bridges the gap between relational data and the new computing technologies designed for big data, cloud and mobile computing.

Bring NoSQL to your SQL database
IBM Informix unleashes new capabilities, giving you a way to combine unstructured and structured data in a smart way. IBM Informix offers a “hybrid” database system that is capable of supporting relational and non-relational data, giving you the ability to store JSON and relational tables in the same storage engine. In addition, you can leverage both types of data from a single application using familiar methodologies and APIs. IBM Informix is also optimized for embedded data management, including support for ARM processors, to support the growing trend of mobile computing, machine-to-machine applications and the “Internet of Things".

Options, not hassles, for achieving continuous availability
IBM Informix offers the industry's most comprehensive set of high availability options that can take advantage of low-cost hardware with Informix Flexible Grid. Schedule upgrades or maintenance when you want, without any downtime, and without having to use temporary hardware or clone your databases and applications. Use different hardware, operating systems, or even different versions of Informix from cluster to cluster within a grid. Scale capacity when and where needed, bring data on or off line, or change your data schema throughout your grid, all on-demand and with no downtime. Easily manage your grid environment from a single location.

Increase developer productivity and options
Informix Genero provides easy, graphical tools that increase developer productivity whether the goal is to accelerate a new generation of mobile and cloud-based applications, or to modernize existing 4GL applications. It also delivers increased options and easier enablement of open source applications through increased support for industry standard SQL, new SQL syntax for easier porting of open source applications to Informix, and increased interoperability with open source software. Integration with IBM Optim Development Studio provides visual analysis of SQL statements, execution and performance for faster development and testing of SQL queries, stored procedures and Web Services.

Meet the Big Data challenges of sensor data
Informix, with its TimeSeries feature, helps organizations solve the Big Data challenge of sensor data by providing unprecedented performance and scalability to applications that leverage time series data. And because sensor data often relies on location, Informix offers a built-in spatial feature to enable location-based applications. Applications can also seamlessly combine spatial data with time series data, with no separate license fees or installations required.

Easy administration lets you maximize DBA resources
Informix software automatically senses and responds to changes without human or programmatic intervention. The self-maintaining, self-configuring, and self-healing capabilities include automated storage and memory management, a deployment utility and automated install capable of mass deployment across multiple servers, as well as an automated task scheduler. There is also built-in support for advanced data types including spatial, and time series data.

Enhanced security speeds time to compliance
Organizations will have greater control over auditing practices with selective row level auditing. With more granular control, organizations can minimize the performance impact of auditing while simplifying the management and querying of audit records. Additionally, Informix brings trusted context to solution providers to create a trusted connection between the middle tier and the database, together with third-party authentication, greatly simplifying administration.

Speed and efficiency let you do more and spend less
Informix is fast. Ask any Informix user. Informix was built from the ground up for performance. Higher performance means fewer servers – and less space, power, and cooling resources. Gain even higher throughput using low-cost commodity hardware. It starts with a multi-threaded architecture that optimizes the use of the hardware, together with on-going enhancements focused on keeping a performance edge. Deep compression of data, indexes, and blobs reduces storage needs and increases performance. New SQL enhancements allow for much faster business intelligence and enhanced integration with popular BI tools such as Cognos. The strong performance of Informix as a single platform to address OLTP and analytical workloads presents significant value since operations can be consolidated on a single database platform.. Organizations requiring “speed of thought” analysis will benefit from Informix Warehouse Accelerator that leverages an in-memory, columnar approach to accelerate queries up to 100+ times, with no change to business applications and no database tuning required. The new automated partition refresh and trickle-feed features help ensure that the data mart is always current for real-time analytics.

Reduce cost and risk of private cloud and distributed enterprise deployments
Helping to reduce the cost and risk of private cloud, Informix 12.1 is the only database that allows different hardware and operating systems from cluster to cluster in a distributed environment. For businesses looking to deploy an Informix-based cloud on an optimized system, the new Informix Hypervisor Edition brings all of the strengths of Informix to IBM PureSystems.

On-the-go connectivity
Informix has new capabilities to monitor Informix environments on-the-go through smart devices.