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Informix Embedded Database - Why Informix?

Key Benefits

Deliver a complete, world-class solution

Demonstrate your technology leadership by providing your customers a complete and hassle-free solution that includes an invisible, pre-configured, pre-tuned data management solution.

Achieve platform independence

Informix is available on multiple versions of Windows, Linux, UNIX, and MAC operating systems, so OEMS, ISVs, and VARs are not locked into a single platform.

Accelerate time-to-market

Focus on your core business and let Informix take care of the data management requirements.

Reduce your development costs

By embedding or bundling Informix, you can nearly eliminate upfront licensing costs typically incurred during the development phase, while taking advantage of ongoing savings in operational

Deliver superior service levels

Informix brings blazing performance and continuous data availability to the table, ensuring the highest level of service to your customers and avoiding the costs associated with downtime.

Deliver innovative virtualization and cloud computing solutions

Informix is widely deployed in virtualized environments and has a profile and feature set that lends itself to virtualization -- cutting costs through server consolidation while paving the way for the move to true cloud computing.

Cost-effectively scale up or scale out

Add capacity on-demand and benefit from the flexible architecture of Informix that lets you scale up or scale out on-demand, using low-cost, commodity hardware that is easy to swap out or upgrade.

Simple and cost effective for embedded deployments

Informix has a small footprint, a silent install, and self-managing capabilities that make it ideal as an embedded data management solution. Informix can be up and running in minutes, not days.

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Upgrading to Informix

Embedding Informix Resources

Cisco chose to embed IBM Informix® database software in their solutions because of the robust embeddability, high reliability, and extreme performance of Informix.

Read the Cisco and Informix collaboration whitepaper to learn more