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IBM Informix is the most reliable embedded data management solution available.

An embedded database is one that integrates into an application or device that requires access to stored data, in such a way that the end-user has little or no knowledge of its existence.

Thanks to over 2500 loyal business partners, there are millions of deployments of IBM® Informix®, including among thousands of worldwide retailers, 20 of the top 25 US super markets, and 95% of telecom service delivery providers. Market innovators such as China Mobile, Verizon, Lazare Kaplan International, DHL Express, and Trafficmaster rely on Informix to deliver seamless and superior service to their customers.

Informix can be embedded in two ways:

Invisible (or deep) embedding

With invisible, or deep embedding, there is no database administrator involved. All administration is done programmatically. An example of deep embedding is a consumer electronics device designed to operate on a standalone basis, independent of any network support.


In the bundled scenario, the database server is included with the application, but the administration and tuning is handled by the user or a DBA. The data stored in the database can be mined for other purposes as well. Examples of bundled solutions are large scale integrated supply chain and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

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Cisco chose to embed IBM Informix® database software in their solutions because of the robust embeddability, high reliability, and extreme performance of Informix.

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