Informix powers Spatial and Time Series applications

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Why Informix for Spatial and Time Series applications

Informix has the built-in ability to manage spatial and interval data used in time-based and space-based applications and analysis. Informix also has additional extensions available for added functionality.

What we offer

Spatial data

Delivers innovative spatial technology well-suited to geographic information systems (GIS) and other located-based applications.

Time Series and Sensor-based data

Provides sophisticated support for the management of interval (time series) data. Includes a powerful real-time data loader.

Excalibur Text Search Extension

An engine that is optimized for indexing and searching text information, using proximity searches and other features.

Video Foundation Extension

Incorporates specific video technologies into complete database management applications.

Web Extension

A collection of tools, functions, and examples that ease development of intelligent, interactive Web-enabled database applications.

C-ISAM™ Extension

A library of C-language functions that manage indexed sequential access method (ISAM) files efficiently.

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