Vivisimo is now part of IBM

Bringing big data to the enterprise

Vivisimo’s heritage is in information access, helping to deliver the right information to users at the “point of impact,” where it is needed most to solve problems, make decisions and fuel innovation. Through more than a decade of innovation, the Vivisimo Velocity Platform unified access to secure business repositories, presented relevant information with an unmatched user experience, and enabled knowledge sharing across enterprises. Our software platform transformed large and diverse collections of corporate information into tangible organizational intelligence, optimizing information for enterprises and government clients.

Now, Vivisimo Velocity Platform is IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer. InfoSphere Data Explorer remains true to its heritage of providing federated navigation and discovery over a broad range of enterprise content to help you get more from your data.

During a panel discussion at IOD 2013,Vijay Dheap, Global Product Manager for Big Data Security Intelligence & Mobile Security, provided a great use case of how IBM Security Intelligence with big data can help our fictional client, Henry from a large financial institution, stay out of the media headlines and stop those pesky cyber attacks from happening.

InfoSphere Data Explorer is a key component of IBM’s platform for big data that provides the ideal starting point for your big data journey.

IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer

Achieve information optimization through information connectivity, creating contextual intelligence and enabling organizational capabilities.

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Secure Self-Service Portal

As part of IBM, the InfoSphere Data Explorer support team remains committed to your success and our mission to help enterprises and government clients with complex data environments, and help them realize the full business value of all of their information assets.