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Deliver confidence to act on big data insights

Information Integration and Governance (IIG) has always helped organizations integrate, secure and protect their enterprise information. Now, in the world of big data, the latest InfoSphere IIG enhancements help organizations increase confidence in big data so they can leverage that data for greater insight into analytics and operations.

InfoSphere builds confidence with automated integration

Read the Colt case study
RESULTS: Colt saw a 90% reduction in the time to complete wildcard searches

InfoSphere builds confidence in data by providing visual context

Read the BNP Paribas case study
RESULTS: BNP Paribas accelerated product launch times from 30 days to one day

InfoSphere builds confidence with agile governance

Read the Premier case study
RESULTS: Premier saved over 24 THOUSAND LIVES while reducing spend by several billion dollars

Information Integration and Governance Portfolio

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  • Who's afraid of the big (data) bad wolf?

    Shows the value of implementing information integration and governance from the very start of all types of big data projects - whether those projects focus on big data applications, data warehouses or data warehouse augmentation initiatives or involve Hadoop.

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  • Big Data Needs Agile Information and Integration Governance

    This Forrester report illustrates how organizations are no longer asking what big data is. They are looking at what big data can do.

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  • InfoSphere Information Integration and Governance

    Learn how the latest innovations help organizations build confidence in their data to enable actions and leverage new insights--with automated integration, visual context and new agility in governance.

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  • InfoSphere Information Integration and Governance platform

    Introducing Information Integration and Governance in parallel with big data initiatives helps establish confidence in new data and accompanying insights—which can significantly impact project success, data protection and the overall value of big data analytics.

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  • Understanding big data so you can act with confidence

    More data, more problems? Not if you have an agile, automated information integration and governance program in place.

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