Information Integration and Governance

Enhanced 360° View of the Customer

Does your organization house data about customers, citizens, patients, suppliers, locations, products, reference data and accounts in multiple information silos, with no consistency among them? Is potential information lost in unstructured documents, spreadsheets, reports, email and blogs?

In a world of big data, IBM InfoSphere makes it easy to build and manage a trusted view to meet revenue-generation, cost-reduction, strategic agility and compliance goals. It even works when identities and relationships are intentionally hidden or masked. The solution offers:

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ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank has implemented IBM InfoSphere solutions to provide a deeper understanding of customers, and to drive innovation to stay ahead of competitors.


InfoSphere is helping organizations to:

Reduce IT costs by US$25 million annually through consolidation.

InfoSphere is helping organizations to:

Grow revenues by US$31 million through cross selling

InfoSphere is helping organizations to:

Save US$1 million per year by reducing data errors

InfoSphere is helping organizations to:

Avoid US$200 million in fraudulant transactions

MDM Vision & Value

This IBM e-book series provides the on-ramp for a successful MDM journey.

The Challenge of Effective Master Data Management

This Ventana Research Perspective helps you to initially think about how master data plays an important role in your company and what to do to start maximizing its use for business value.

How Master Data Management Serves the Business

Leverage a single view of the enterprise to reduce costs, increase agility and support compliance

Preserving quality: Fundamentals of reference data management

In many aspects of business, enterprises search for a single version of the truth—one
that is reliable and can be verified. Reference data management supports and extends that effort

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Enhanced 360° View of the Customer

In addition to the single-view issues and solutions highlighted on this page, IBM offers other important capabilities that help organizations extend existing customer views by incorporating additional internal and external information sources.

Getting Started with Information Governance: Managing Your Master Data

The payoff from effective MDM is well worth the investment required to put the appropriate processes and tools into place.