Information Integration and Governance

Trusted Information for Big Data and Data Warehousing

If you’re addressing the data explosion by investing in business intelligence and analytics, are you also tackling the front end of the process—delivering trusted information to your data warehouse? If not, you may have the wrong data in your warehouse; the data may be insecure, and users may lack trust in their reports.

Fortunately, there is a solution for delivering clean, consolidated, consistent and timely information to your data warehouse. IBM InfoSphere offers:

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University of Arizona. Play video

University of Arizona

The University of Arizona continuously populates its data warehouse and provides secure data access 90% faster than before. For an administrator setting the salary level for a new employee, for a financial expert planning for the growing student population, and for other managers, administrators and deans, rapid access to information facilitates smart decisions.


InfoSphere clients reduce project timelines by 30—50% with automated rule development.

Acxiom processes 8—9 billion records per month to load a warehouse for a single initiative.

Colt has reduced its time for gathering information about customers by 95%.

Yum Brands has lowered the TCO of its warehouse environment by 1/3. Near-real-time data integration helps

Information services company is transforming more than 40 trillion records per month with InfoSphere IIG capabilities

Creating a trusted data warehouse using IBM InfoSphere Information Server

You can follow this recipe to create a new warehouse, driven by the needs of the business and developed through collaboration between business and technical teams.

Building a Trusted Data Warehouse

IBM InfoSphere® data integration software and the IBM PureData™ System for Analytics (the next generation Netezza® data warehouse appliance) work together to deliver breakthrough analytics based on trusted information.

Gartner: Hadoop Is Not a Data Integration Solution

As use of the Hadoop stack continues to grow, organizations are asking if it is a suitable solution for data integration.

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InfoSphere Information Server

Get a glimpse of the powerful new capabilities of InfoSphere Information Server in the areas of big data, data quality and governance. If you are building or extending data warehouse and Business Intelligence infrastructure, this book will help you with solution design and implementation.

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If business and IT can collaborate and agree on critical definitions, they’re off to a good start in the process of capturing, presenting and analyzing information to drive better business decisions.