Information Integration and Governance

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Efficient Application Development & Testing

The cost of poor software quality is estimated by Capers Jones at $150 billion per year in the US and $500 billion worldwide1. Approaches that improve the testing of software to increase quality should be high on the priority list for any IT department. Application testing in today’s big data environment requires larger and more diverse test data sets, increasing the cost of applications and lengthening development cycles.

As compared with copying or cloning production data or manually creating test data management, a tool-based approach reduces cost, improves efficiency and accelerates project completion. The IBM InfoSphere Information Integration and Governance (IIG) solution provides:

InfoSphere accelerates delivery with refreshed test data management, reduces risk with masking of sensitive data, and improves profitability with right-sized test data.

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CSX How tomorrow moves

CSX Corporation

CSX is improving application testing, protecting sensitive data and managing data growth across both mainframe and distributed platforms.


Heath Care Service Corporation (HCSC) improved application development time and quality by 25-50%

Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) satisfied regulatory requirements for HIPAA by masking sensitive data in test, saved millions of dollars in fines

Nationwide improved quality and reduced untested scenarios by 44% in 90 days,
decreasing audit findings by 80%

Exploring Successful Approaches to Test Data Management

Bloor Research explains how a formalized test data management discipline can provide key strategic advantages.

Back to basics: Fundamentals of test data management

Learn how to build and deliver high-quality applications fast using realistic test data

Deploying enterprise changes with confidence

IBM InfoSphere Optim Query Capture and Replay simplifies the creation of realistic test data.