Information Integration and Governance

Application Consolidation and Retirement

Redundant legacy applications cost your organization time and money. Redundant applications consume valuable computing resources as well as human resources, increasing hardware and maintenance costs. But the consolidation process itself can lead to long timelines and overrun budgets. To be successful and gain a strategic edge, the organization needs to address the breadth of associated issues efficiently and develop a level of competence that makes it easy to integrate acquired companies and systems.

IBM InfoSphere is helping organizations eliminate redundant applications; enhance applications by improving data quality and managing test data; speed time to value by leveraging industry best practices; and consolidate multiple instances of critical enterprise applications. The IBM InfoSphere approach features:

Planning to migrate or consolidate SAP instances? IBM has the most experience and the proven solutions based on a 30+ year SAP alliance, over 9,000 SAP practitioners and over 3,700 SAP implementations.

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