Information Integration and Governance

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Manage Data Growth and Improve Application Efficiency

Has the advent of big data led to unmanageable data growth? Is your organization struggling with application inefficiency? Is data growth stopping your applications from performing well and costing more than expected? If so, your technical resources may be spending too much time identifying and correcting performance issues rather than adding capabilities for new business value.

InfoSphere solutions can help control data growth in the era of big data, reducing the amount of data in production systems, for improved performance and reduced costs. IBM’s comprehensive Information Integration and Governance (IIG) capabilities—part of the IBM big data platform—help to make enterprise applications more efficient and manage data growth by....

These unique capabilities translate into increased efficiency for your enterprise applications and efficiently manage data growth.

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Customer Spotlight

  • CSX How tomorrow moves

    CSX Corporation

    CSX is improving application testing, protecting sensitive data and managing data growth across both mainframe and distributed platforms.

From a testing perspective, we’ve gotten feedback that the solution has greatly improved our test turnaround time. Developers are seeing much faster executions as they run tests.


InfoSphere customers are:

… Reducing development database sizes by 35—40%.

InfoSphere customers are:

… Reducing storage costs by US$75—80,000/year

InfoSphere customers are:

… Decreasing audit findings by 80%

Build an Enterprise-wide Data Archiving Strategy

Learn the Forrester perspective on a data archiving strategy for the enterprise by listening to this webcast featuring analyst Noel Yuhanna.

The Hidden Costs of Storage

Avoid unforeseen costs by thinking strategically about data archiving

Successful Information Governance Through High-Quality Data

Comprehensive data quality capabilities improve business outcomes

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Data Warehouse Augmentation

The capabilities highlighted on this page for archiving data to improve application efficiency and reduce costs can add value to a data warehouse by offloading older information to lower-cost storage. IBM offers other important capabilities that help organizations optimize their data warehouses to enable new types of analysis.