Information Integration and Governance

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Deliver greater value to your business

Technology solutions, customized for your environment, can enable you to address your unique business requirements. IBM Information Integration and Governance (IIG) solutions help you unlock the value of your information assets so you can deliver greater value to the business.

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    Confidence in big data for analytics

    Take charge of complex, convoluted and conflicting data, and deliver consolidated, consistent and current information to your data warehouse.

  • Enhanced 360° View of the Customer

    Enhanced 360° View of the Customer

    Build and manage a single view of customers, products and other domains by incorporating data from diverse sources and delivering complete, accurate and timely information.

  • Application Consolidation and Retirement

    Application Consolidation and Retirement

    Consolidate multiple instances of enterprise applications. Retire outdated applications and archive old data to reduce risk and costs. Enhance application quality and improve compliance.

  • Security and Compliance

    Security and Privacy

    Protect your enterprise data, improve data integrity and security, and reduce compliance costs.

  • Information governance for all data

    Information governance for all data

    Take a holistic approach to managing, improving and leveraging information. Improve analytics, insight and decision making for the enterprise.

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The Information Confidence Calculator

The Information Confidence Calculator
Measure your confidence in customer data
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    The Information Confidence Calculator: Measuring Trust in Big Data

    This report will introduce the Information Confidence Calculator, explain its methodology, and offer guidance on how to use the tool and your confidence score to define comfort levels around decisions driven by customer data.
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    Integrating and Governing Big Data

    Three unique characteristics of the new era of computing make information integration and governance especially relevant today.
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  • Big Data Needs Agile Information and Integration Governance

    This Forrester report illustrates how organizations are no longer asking what big data is. They are looking at what big data can do.

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  • Build an Enterprise-wide Data Archiving Strategy

    Learn the Forrester perspective on a data archiving strategy for the enterprise by listening to this webcast
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  • Think Big—MDM and Big Data

    Learn how master data and big data fit together - what they have in common, in what ways they are dissimilar, and how they can be used together.
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  • Four steps to a proactive big data security and privacy strategy
    Elevate data security to the boardroom agenda
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