Information Integration and Governance

Information Integration and Governance Use Cases

A use case is a business goal addressed by a pattern of technology solutions. A common use case, customized for your environment, helps you address your unique business requirements.

Information Integration and Governance (IIG) helps you unlock the value of information assets so you can deliver value to the business.

9 ways to build confidence in big data.

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Additional Use Cases

IIG makes important contributions to some of the most popular big data use cases.

Big Data Exploration

Big data exploration addresses the challenge that every large organization faces: information is stored in many different systems and silos. The first step in leveraging big data is to find out what you have and to establish the ability to access it and use it to support decision making and day-to-day operations.

InfoSphere Information Integration and Governance (IIG)—part of the IBM big data platform—contributes key capabilities to big data exploration

With InfoSphere, you can understand your data and the relationships among data items, create a shared language about data and data policies for business and IT, and classify sensitive data for proper security and privacy controls as users explore information. Products contributing to the solution include:

Operations Analysis

Operations analysis is the use of big data technologies to enable a new generation of applications that analyze large volumes of multi-structured, often in-motion machine data and gain insight from it, improving business results. InfoSphere Information Integration and Governance (IIG) capabilities—part of the IBM big data platform—contribute to operations analysis solutions by:

InfoSphere offerings contributing to your success with operations analysis include:

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