Information Integration and Governance

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Success Story Spotlight

  • Bankia

    Bankia Gains Innovative Insights to Boost Competitiveness

    As a result of the merger of seven banks in Spain, Bankia had inherited a large number of disparate systems, which made it difficult to manage customer data as a single information resource. The company needed a way to streamline its processes without completely redesigning its information infrastructure.
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Additional Success Stories

Business Information Exchange

Sui Southern Gas Company identifies hot spots for leaks and pilferage, stopping potential problems before they become a reality.

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Data Integration

Smart Transport Research Centre, an Australian collaborative, is reducing urban roadway congestion by predicting traffic conditions and providing real-time access to travel information and options, helping drivers find the fastest routes to their destinations.

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Data Lifecycle Management

CSX is improving application testing, protecting sensitive data and managing data growth across both mainframe and distributed platforms. "We can now easily engage third party contractors to conduct tests knowing that our data is secure."

Read the case study (PDF, 651KB)

Data Quality builds a 360° view of its customers to personalize the customer experience. A customer's preferences and recent purchase data can lead to a dynamically customized recommendation such as a complementary accessory or a personalized promotion.

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Data Security and Data Privacy

A leading international telecommunications organization found a cost-effective means to protect the privacy of its customer data and comply with regulatory requirements. A fine-grained audit trail of all sensitive data access satisfied auditors, and real-time blocking and alerts ensured privacy policies were strictly enforced.

Read the case study (PDF, 592KB)

Entity Analytics

Alameda County Social Services Agency achieved the visibility it needed to avoid overpayments and improve productivity. Of the US$24 million in average annual benefits calculated in this ROI study, direct benefits included the elimination of benefits overpayments to clients in noncompliance with their programs and reduced fines as a result of improved appeals litigation.

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Master Data Management

For BNP Paribas, personalization is key to winning customer loyalty and increasing profits. The bank's new master data management initiative will give it unprecedented flexibility and speed to adjust to changing market conditions and customize offers for each client. "Every bank provides packages to their customers," says Vladimir Milojkovic. "But we can really target the right product to the right customer."

Read the case study (PDF, 522KB)

Data quality reflects the level of responsibility that the business demands and delivers; if no one cares, then data suffers.

- Manager, large European oil/gas company, as quoted by Aberdeen Group, The Big Data Imperative: Why Information Governance Must Be Addressed Now, December 2012.

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