Information Integration and Governance

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Information governance for all data

. Your organization can derive new insights from big data to gain competitive advantage. But like other data within your enterprise, data from new sources needs to be governed so that it can be trusted to support operations and to enable sound decisions.

What is Information Governance?

Information governance practices provide a holistic approach to managing, improving and leveraging information to help you gain insight and build confidence in business decisions and operations. Information Governance is not a one-size-fits-all program of bureaucratic procedures and expensive technologies. Instead, it is an approach that helps organizations improve data quality, create master views of key entities, manage diverse data across its lifecycle, protect sensitive information, and secure all enterprise data. And it adapts to meet needs that vary based on the source of the data as well as its intended use.

IBM InfoSphere solutions offer multiple entry points so you can adapt your data governance strategy and timetable to suit your organization, your data and the unique ways you use your business information.

The Information Integration and Governance (IIG) capabilities of IBM Watson Foundations help you:

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