Information Integration and Governance

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What Is Information Integration and Governance (IIG)?

Information Integration and Governance (IIG) is a unified set of capabilities that bring together data from diverse sources for diverse targets, manage its quality, and maintain master data for multiple domains; that secure and protect data, manage it across its lifecycle, and facilitate information-based collaboration across business and technical teams. These broad capabilities help organizations increase the value of data for information-intensive projects like big data and analytics, application consolidation and retirement, security and compliance, 360° views, and many others.

How does IIG help your organization?

Information Integration and Governance delivers critical capabilities to Watson Foundations, the IBM big data and analytics platform, helping your organization unlock the value of your enterprise information. With IIG, you can:

IIG helps you integrate big data into your enterprise, ensuring that it is both trusted and protected. And the latest innovations help you build confidence in big data, make well founded decisions and take decisive actions to accelerate your information-intensive projects.

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