IBM completes the acquisition of The Now Factory

Adding industry-specific big data and analytics capabilities for communications service providers (CSPs)

On October 29th, IBM announced the completion of its acquisition of The Now Factory Limited, an expert in Customer and Network Analytics for communications service providers.  The Now Factory is now an IBM company.  The acquisition aims to accelerate IBM’s efforts to help communications service providers (CSP’s) connect the two domains, network and customer (subscriber), to drive business benefits from big data. 

With the acquisition of The Now Factory, IBM will add new customer experience and network analytics applications to answer the who, what, where, why and when questions of communications services, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the devices and services customers are using on the network and their impact.

The Now Factory’s years of technology investment has produced several advantages over other customer analytics solutions. 

  • Silicon Based Analytics technology allows The Now Factory to analyze subscriber experience and usage on the data heavy 3G/4G LTE networks identifying the apps being used, the experience of the customer while using them and the factors influencing that experience.
  • The Now Factory’s technology is capable of processing vast volumes of data and creating multi-dimensional telecommunication data cubes that are unique in the market. Multi-dimensional analysis enables operators to understand how elements - device, location, app, cell tower, network node etc. - combine to impact service delivery.
  • Digital signatures for over 200 popular applications are maintained by The Now Factory, and capabilities are in place to detect which application and what version is being used by the user while interacting with the network. Application usage analysis provides valuable alerts.
  • The Now Factory enables end-to-end view and analysis of service delivery chain, empowering customer service representatives to find and resolve the root cause for subscriber’s poor quality of experience. 

This strategic acquisition brings to IBM, 40 customers in 29 countries in the telecommunications industry. Founded in 2007, The Now Factory is headquartered in Dublin Ireland, with offices in Seattle, Madrid, St. Petersburg and Singapore and with 170 employees worldwide.

The Now Factory will join IBM’s big data and advanced analytics portfolio within Information Management led by Bob Picciano, General Manager.