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Learn how Cisco relies on Informix to run its collaboration and communication infrastructure.

“It’s very, very important to us that what we have is of high quality, what we have has the power behind it to make sure that it has both the longevity and the support that we need. Cisco is taking advantage of the fact that Informix is easily embeddable, and also, the redundant capabilities that Informix has to allow us to use our distributed architecture to scale for our customers.” - Phil Harris, Senior Director of Engineering, Cisco

Cisco has over 100,000 instances of Informix running in production environments and the number continues to grow. When a customer makes a voice over IP (VoIP) call using a Cisco collaboration solution, they have used Informix.

Why Cisco chose Informix as an embeddable database?



A leading provider of covert intelligence and surveillance sensor systems for organizations, TerraEchos, Inc., provides advanced security solutions for critical infrastructures and extended borders. One TerraEchos client is a science-based, applied engineering national laboratory dedicated to supporting the mission of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in nuclear and energy research, science and national defense.

The need

A U.S. Department of Energy National Lab needed a solution to detect, classify, locate and track potential threats to secure its perimeter and border areas.

The solution

TerraEchos implemented IBM InfoSphere Streams for use as a highly scalable distributed runtime platform to host its real-time detection and classification routines. They also chose IBM Informix database software for robust embedded data management, and implemented the Informix Spatial capability to track intrusion events in a spatial context.

The benefits

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