IBM Information Management OEM Program

Embedded solutions to win in the market place

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Join the IBM Information Management OEM solution program and win in the market place with greater flexibility to build robust solutions at a lower cost. Whether you sell to large enterprises, or small-to-midsized businesses, you can take advantage of world-class engineering and support from IBM that can help you move ahead of the competition.

Why IBM Information Management for OEMs?

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    Deliver complete, world-class solutions

    Demonstrate your technology leadership by offering complete solutions to your customers. They benefit from a high-quality “out of the box” experience, flexible pricing, packaging and business terms.

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    Achieve platform independence

    IBM Information Management software is available on multiple operating systems. Whether you’re an OEM, ISV or VAR, you are not locked into a single platform, so you can pursue more market opportunities.

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    Accelerate time-to-market

    Today, getting to market quickly is essential. When you include IBM embeddable solutions in your products, you can focus on your core business and avoid worrying about information management requirements.

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    Reduce development costs

    Embedding IBM Information Management solutions can also reduce your overall development costs. You can avoid unnecessary development time without compromising on features. Flexible pricing and business terms from IBM give you a competitive business advantage.

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    Deliver a high-quality user experience

    IBM Information Management software is known for its high reliability and performance, which helps to ensure the solutions you deliver provide a seamless, high-quality experience for your customers.

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    Reduce risks

    You can leverage IBM technology, experience and world-class support to lower the risks related to creating new solutions.

Get started with IBM Information Management OEM program

To learn more about the IBM Information Management OEM program, contact your IBM account manager, or email