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New Software for System zEnterprise

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Announcing the IBM® DB2 Analytics Accelerator and IBM Smart Analytics System 9700 and 9710

Now have OLTP and analytics on the same platform with unprecedented performance. Learn how the recently announced IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator leverages Netezza technology to bring high performance analytics to your system in an accelerator appliance. Delivering dramatically faster complex business analytics transparently to all users, the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator gets business changing analytics out to decision makers at train-of-thought speeds. The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator extends the System z environment of industry leading security and availability - - accelerating queries and taking the risk out of operational business analytics.

Announcing the new standard in mainframe data warehousing IBM Smart Analytics System 9700 and IBM Smart Analytics System 9710 providing an integrated Business Analytics and Data Warehousing solution of hardware, software and services. This solution enables customers to modernize their data warehouses to rapidly deploy cost effective game changing analytics across their business. These are unique, deeply integrated and optimized, ready-to-use analytics solutions that provide the ability to perform operational analytics with the same quality of services as your OLTP environment on System z. The new entry system, IBM Smart Analytics System 9710 opens up new opportunities in cost effective solutions for smaller business and department within larger organizations.

Please visit the Business Analytics and Data Warehousing webpage to learn more.