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Information Agenda - the BAO roadmap for Travel and Transportation

Why IBM?

Now more than ever, travel and transportation executives need timely, accurate information to run their businesses. With population growth and urbanization, there has been a steady increase in demand for mobility. Highly dynamic fuel prices, along with rising costs of purchasing new, and maintaining old, capital equipment have pushed carriers to maximize capacity. At the same time, increased competition from new market entrants demand improved customer experience to maintain customer loyalty and preserve profits.

Despite the overwhelming availability of data available, travel and transportation business leaders report that they often have to make decisions without access to the right information and insight. Clearly, this hampers progress to reach business goals. How to understand customer’s preferences, buying habits, and loyalty? How to identify the most profitable routes and services and position them to travelers? How to communicate most effectively with customers through their preferred channels? How to integrate and analyze market data with the precious information inside legacy systems to gain new customer insights?

IBM is helping travel and transportation organizations around the world with Smarter Analytics solutions that address these challenges head-on. Only IBM has the total combination of deep industry expertise, a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software and services and a proven methodology to help travel and transportation companies to develop a Smarter Analytics strategy with an actionable roadmap.

Decision-makers in the travel and transportation industries can now act on the strategic challenges facing them today: optimizing capacity and assets to meet demand; assuring safety and security; improving operational efficiency as well as the end-to-end customer experience to increase loyalty.

What we offer

Information is a critical enabler for the travel and transportation industries. With a Smarter Analytics focus, companies can turn information into insight, and leverage analytics to anticipate, shape and optimize outcomes, to overcome their business challenges.

IBM Smarter Analytics solutions are based on industry leading software for business analytics, enterprise content management and information management. IBM’s extensive partner ecosystem affords access to additional technologies and expertise. IBM’s Smarter Analytics Strategy Services drive innovative applications of Smarter Analytics solutions to meet business needs. IBM also offers workload optimized hardware systems that can be rapidly implemented to dramatically increase performance and cost savings. IBM Global Financing provides payment plan options that can help better match project cost outlays to anticipated benefits. Finally, IBM’s unique Information Agenda approach helps to make it all happen with an actionable roadmap that can be developed in a matter of weeks.

For travel and transportation companies, IBM also offers specific accelerators, best practices and solution blue prints to help address the challenges of Multichannel Sales & Service. Travel customers have become very sophisticated and demanding about the ways they want to access information – over the web and mobile devices, in addition to the traditional phone and in-person interactions. To meet travelers’ needs and preferences, companies in this industry have to be proficient in being able to deliver consistent, up to the minute information about travelers across all the channels that they might use. To do this, companies must be able to establish a single view of their travelers, and connect it to their various operational systems as well as the external touchpoints where these customers come to find their information.

This capability for multichannel sales and service is no longer an option. Customers do not view multichannel interactions as a premium service. Rather this has become a standard now expected of travel and transportation providers. Failure to meet this expectation quickly erodes customer loyalty. And it also diminishes the opportunity for travel and transportation companies to tailor their services and target their marketing efforts most effectively to the right audiences.

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