Getting started with an Information Agenda

The Information Agenda approach accelerates your organization's ability to leverage Smarter Analytics, and achieve breakaway results, by connecting people with trusted, relevant information and leveraging business analytics. Decision-makers now have insights to tell them what’s happening and why. They can act with confidence to optimize results for better business outcomes.

Here’s how:

Providing information and insight to people systems and processes throughout the enterprise

With a tightly integrated information and analytics infrastructure, your business can increase operational efficiencies, eliminate errors, cut cycle times and costs, and minimize downtime. And when you leverage IBM’s unique set of foundational tools, you can analyze your information and develop a unified way to inventory, understand, define and optimize your company’s data.

Aligning IT and business goals. In order to tightly align IT and business objectives and determine where to get started, organizations need an information agenda plan and roadmap. IBM can help you develop a customized, comprehensive roadmap that meets both the short-term and long-term strategic needs of your entire enterprise. This shared plan and roadmap can coordinate IT projects, business objectives and overall investments into a collective effort that can help propel your organization’s information-intensive efforts forward.

IBM helps organizations establish and execute their Information Agenda Roadmaps with Industry Accelerators and Industry Business Outcome Maps, through workshops for client's business initiatives.

Leveraging industry-specific best practices

Your company needs flexible, effective standards to access information and apply analytics to support your industry initiatives. With industry-specific blueprints, data models, architectures, and end-to-end software, hardware and services capabilities, IBM can help leverage key information dispersed across your business, so that you can meet current — and future — challenges head-on.

Establishing an Information Governance Strategy and Competency Center

IBM can provide guidance for establishing an Information Governance strategy, managed through Competency Centers, Centers of Excellence or Knowledge Centers to help monitor and track information management and analytics practices across the enterprise. These will help your business continue to benefit from increased IT and business alignment, improved technical assets, and better resource management.

What is the end result?

Ultimately, developing an Information Agenda will propel your organization’s critical business initiatives forward, and drive better business outcomes.

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