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Information Agenda - the Smarter Analytics roadmap for Media and Entertainment

Why IBM?

Today’s market forces are driving the Media and Entertainment industry to transform. These transformational issues are shaping the future of the media industry and are changing the once “content centric” industry to a “consumer centric” model. To succeed in the midst of all this change, Smarter Media must capitalize on the connected consumer and digital marketplace – which means turning information in business insight to enhance production, cross-channel distribution, and value creation and must build smarter operations in order to lower costs and improve agility in this rapidly changing environment. Smarter Media & Entertainment companies are launching initiatives designed to drive new levels of business optimization and ongoing competitive advantage by responding effectively to market trends and ongoing refinement of operational processes – and one common thread is that these initiatives all depend on information that is accessible, timely and trusted. Specifically, Media & Entertainment executives are seeking to leverage advanced information and analytics capabilities to build new business models and partner collaboration, differentiate the consumer experience, and achieve operational excellence by reducing infrastructure and process complexity.

Despite the wealth of data and content available today, most Media & Entertainment decision makers are starved for the right information and insight. IBM, through its Smarter Analytics portfolio can transform the way you work to help you become more agile and competitive, turn information into insight, deliver better services faster, enable collaboration and mitigate risk. Only IBM has the total capability package of deep industry expertise, a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software and services, and a proven methodology to help Media & Entertainment companies develop their Smarter Analytics strategy with an actionable roadmap.

What we offer

IBM provides industry leading Smarter Analytics software for business analytics, enterprise content management and information management, complemented by a rich network of partner technologies. Additionally, IBM Smarter Analytics Strategy Services drive innovative applications of Smarter Analytics technology to meet the specific needs of the Media & Entertainment industry. IBM also offers workload optimized hardware systems that can be rapidly implemented to increase performance and cost savings. IBM Global Financing provides payment plan options that can help better match project cost outlays to anticipated benefits. Finally, IBM’s unique Information Agenda approach helps make it all happen with an actionable roadmap that can be developed to your specific situation in a matter of weeks. Typically, Media & Entertainment companies are deploying Smarter Analytics technology to help address two key initiatives.

Digital Consumer Analytics
By shifting your operations to a smarter, insight-driven operational model, you can take advantage of using enterprise data assets to make fact-based decisions to drive down costs, drive revenue growth through more flexible business models and harness dramatically increasing data volumes to make intelligent business decisions. As the growth of digital data is accelerating, discovering relevant business insights within the chaos of available information can lead to substantial competitive advantage. Digital Consumer Analytics is designed to integrate all your data providers and in-house sources to reveal timely and actionable business insights across five primary solution areas: core, customer, finance, and digital media supply chain and advertising analytics.

Enterprise Metadata Management
The digital age has created a hoard of content challenges for Media & Entertainment companies. You’ve seen exponential growth in the number of distribution channels that yields new review opportunities by repurposing older assets, growing demand for content at the right time and in the right format, increased need to share content between different parts of the your organization, and an overall lack of organization for content distributed throughout the organization making it difficult to search and reuse.

IBM’s Enterprise Metadata Management solution enables enterprise-wide merging of metadata from existing databases, data cleansing, and creation of a high-level metadata catalog that provides meaningful search, reporting and integration capabilities. Most importantly, this proven solution with broad multi-industry support can be implemented without disrupting existing systems or negative impact to ongoing operations.

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