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Information Agenda - the Smarter Analytics roadmap for Life Sciences

Why IBM?

Regulatory and marketplace changes are causing Life Sciences companies to address growing expectations for value from empowered consumers, mounting product quality and patient safety scrutiny, increasing requirements for supply chain traceability, and pricing pressures amplified by generic alternatives, all compounded by complex research and development challenges due to expiring patents and cost recovery issues.

IBM is helping Life Sciences companies apply Smarter Analytics to unlock the value of their business information to develop new business models, improve time-to-market for breakthrough therapies, and support patient-centered health care. By increasing information access and transparency, aggregating health data across channels, sharing product information and market dynamics with supply chain partners, and integrating predictive analyses, IBM helps Life Sciences organizations gain insights into core business processes and decisions – to improve outcomes, quality of care, and safety.

IBM is ready to help with Smarter Analytics solutions which address the key strategic imperatives for Life Sciences organizations today: building treatment awareness and loyalty, driving sales and marketing performance, optimizing supply chains and manufacturing, and transforming R&D to accelerate innovation. Only IBM has the total combination of deep industry expertise, a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software and services and a proven methodology to help Life Sciences organizations develop their Smarter Analytics strategy with an actionable roadmap.

What we offer

Information is a key enabler for Life Sciences transformation. By focusing on Smarter Analytics, Life Sciences organizations can turn information into insight, leveraging analytics to anticipate, shape and optimize outcomes. Use of Smarter Analytics can help Life Sciences organizations analyze clinical data across treatments and therapeutic areas to identify early adverse reactions, predict development successes and avoid costly late-stage failures; use the information gained to develop the insights needed to create better products now; predict future patient and industry demand; and enable customer insights to flow quickly to researchers to optimize targeted therapies.

IBM provides industry-leading Smarter Analytics software for business analytics, enterprise content management and information management, complemented with partner technologies. Smarter Analytics Strategy Services drive innovative applications of Smarter Analytics solutions to meet the needs of Life Sciences companies. IBM also offers workload optimized hardware systems that can be rapidly implemented to increase performance and cost savings. IBM Global Financing provides payment plan options that can help better match project cost outlays to anticipated benefits. Finally, IBM’s unique Information Agenda approach helps make it all happen with an actionable roadmap that can be developed to a specific situation in a matter of weeks.

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