IBM's Information Agenda is a proven approach to help organizations of your size and industry to develop a strategy for Smarter Analytics. Highlights include:

By integrating strategy, information governance and enterprise information infrastructure with a comprehensive implementation roadmap, the Information Agenda has helped thousands of companies in nearly every industry around the world to benefit from Smarter Analytics.

Utilizing IBM's best-in-class software, Consulting Services and Analytics Solutions Centers around the world, this approach can develop a roadmap help your business in as little as a matter of weeks.

Business leaders in every industry are acutely aware of the need for information and insight. Without understanding the realities of their businesses, they often make decisions – both day-to-day and strategic – based on incomplete information. Most business leaders report that they don’t have sufficient visibility, when they need it, to critical aspects of their business. They have to wait for information about financial performance, asset management, distribution and supply chain effectiveness, risk and compliance positions, or customer loyalty and churn.

Whatever the industry, the root cause for this is that information is trapped in silo’d systems. It is typically not managed as a strategic asset where business and IT are working tightly together. Given the increasing pace of business today, this is untenable. Decision makers at all levels need information and insight to understand, predict and shape their business outcomes.

Industry leading organizations have learned that Smarter Analytics can address the need for trusted information, and business insight. And, by developing an Information Agenda, they establish an enterprise-wide strategy to get there: how to manage their information and apply business analytics through rationalized investments over time. An Information Agenda engagement will align business and IT around business goals, and provide justification for technology investments that make sense.

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